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Worn carriage clock repair & a tip for dating carriage clocks and pocket watches.

Antique French mantel clocks provide an opportunity for the home decorator or beginning collector to obtain an ornate, historical piece of functional decoration. To the casual observer, they’re just as impressive as their more expensive counterparts. However, French clocks are often significantly less expensive than English or American mantel clocks from the same period, so they present a more affordable entry into the antique mantel clock market.

While identifying and valuing antiques isn’t always an easy task, there are many telltale signs to indicate whether or not a mantel clock is a confirmed French antique.

We have, antique clocks dont there are set to English bracket clock. French mantel clock specifically the right reference books and descriptions as Bakelite.

This four-legged clock standing on a wall bracket was designed and made by Charles Cressent, a leading French furniture-maker and sculptor. Clocks offered many creative possibilities for the artisans, as the only limitation was the dial. Free to create whatever composition he wished, Cressent designed clock cases that approached pure sculpture.

Combined with abstract motifs of irrational scale and asymmetric design, the piece is crowned by a winged child on clouds. This set is made with three vases in the rare Chinese porcelain known as celadon bleu fleuri. Here the beautifully chased mounts include crowns of laurel, acanthus leaves, pilasters, lion masks, and other motifs inspired by classical Greek and Roman architecture.

A gilded snake indicates the time. Solar time the time determined by a sundial and mean time the time shown on a clock agree only four times a year and can vary by as much as sixteen minutes. He maintained the highest standards in design and construction, engaging the best bronze-makers, gilders, and enamel dial painters. This elegant design, which he introduced around , was his most famous and successful model.

Although the pendulum clock was invented in by the Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens — , its development took place in England and France. This scientific revolution transformed clocks into precise timekeepers that were both decorative and functional. Around a special type of escapement was invented that enabled pendulum clocks to keep time within a few seconds.

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Object Type This type of large, elaborate clock was intended to make a grand statement on a drawing room mantelpiece or sideboard. The sculptural elements were a popular feature of clocks of the period. Time The gilt-bronze figure of a mounted North African warrior, the military trophies and the palm leaves that ornament the clock reflect the French colonial ambitions of the period. North Africa held a particular allure and writers such as Alphonse Daudet used the area as a setting for novels.

Although mass-produced, the clocks were of a high quality and the firm won prizes at many national and international exhibitions. The clock case may have been retailed by H.

French Gothic Mantle Clock Japy Freres 8 Days Movement Silvered Bronze Japy Freres Clocks Beautiful French Gothic Bedroom in oak dating from the.

French marble clocks are increasing in popularity at a time when many antique clocks are becoming too expensive for the average collector. Popular with the Victorians, they are now enjoying a well-deserved revival. Most have high quality movements with attractive cases made in a wide variety of styles, and fortunately there are still many of these clocks to be found at reasonable prices in antique shops, junk shops and market stalls.

Years of research couple with many visits to France and Belgium have made him a leading authority about them. The opening chapters reveal the history of the marble clock along with new information about their origins and makers. Photographs of factories, now demolished, are set alongside material from French archives.

Movement Parts, English, French & Longcase

Comtoise clock. They are sometimes called Morez clocks or Morbier clocks, from place names in the area. They represented the first move towards the popularising of clocks in France, and in the 19th century they were to be found far and wide across the country, virtually ousting other local clock making traditions.

Encasing If the exact preantique post pieces were produced a key. dating french carriage clocks Height including handle cm maker Charles Vincenti of Strut.

Baillie; first published by Methuen, London, ; later editions by N. Press, London A listing of clockmakers who flourished until Entries give geographic location, dates and type of work. There is also a listing of names with alternative spellings and a list of place names and maps. I Contains approximately 35, entries, including information for clockmakers who flourished from to It also includes additional information about many of those listed in the original work.

Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers by F. Britten ; assorted publishers and reprints from – First published in , there were 14 subsequent editions through , with reprints as recent as Has between 25, – 50, names listed, depending on edition. Sposato; Kenneth A. Sposato, White Plains, NY Watch makers, clock peddlers, case makers, jewelers, label printers, dial makers, and inventors are listed. Entries provide working dates and a geographic location.

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(In French) Alphabetical listing of over 23, names, including many photographs, drawings, marks, signatures, and portraits. There are several specialized.

France most commonly records the date using the day-month-year format with a stroke as the separator with numerical values. The hour clock is used to express time, using the letter h as the separator in between hours and minutes. In France , the all-numeric form for dates is in the order “day month year”, using a stroke as the separator.

Years can be written with two or four digits, and numbers may be written with or without leading zero. The hour notation is used in writing with an h as a separator h for heure , meaning hour. Example: 14 h 05 [] hours or pm. Though the correct form includes spaces on both sides of the h , it is common to see them omitted: 14h The minutes are usually written with two digits; the hour numbers can be written with or without leading zero.

Generally speaking, French speakers also use the hour clock when they speak. Sometimes the hour clock is used orally, but only in informal circumstances. Since there is no one-to-one equivalent of “am” and “pm” in French, context must be relied on to figure out which one is meant. To clarify, people may use some sentences like ” 9 heures du matin ” literally “9 o’clock in the morning” or ” 9 heures du soir ” literally “9 o’clock in the evening From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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View Larger Image. Language: English. Brand new Book. Thorpe who is an enthusiastic collector. Years of research coupled with many visits to France and Belgium have made him a leading authority on these magnificent timepieces. The book’s opening chapters reveal the history of the marble clock along with new information about its origins and makers.

In the s, French clocks in slate, onyx or marble cases became popular in the United The movement provides a guide to the date of an Adamantine clock.

Antique Swedish Gustavian grey painted grandfather clock with carved pine long case with original working 8 day movement. The tall case in typical provincial grey painted pine wood finish in the Gustavian late 18th century manner. Ornate carved crown top with gilt highlights over arched top glazed door to clock face. Two glazed side windows allow observation of the mechanism. The tall case with stepped molded sections. A long central door is accessed with a working key to original lock. A square carved panel at the base is raised by elegantly carved and arched bracket feet.

Original working mechanism with two train movement and two cast weights. Working pendulum and winder key supplied. The clock face with hand painted roman numerals to silvered dial with the superb cut brass hands.

French clocks of the 17th-19th centuries — an expert guide

There are so many different types of clock to consider, in so many different styles, that it is important to consider different periods when buying a new timepiece. An early Louis XV ormolu cartel clock, after a design by Juste-Aurele Meissonnier, circa , with associated movement, the dial signed Robin, Paris. During the following Empire Period roughly , and in the time of the restoration of the monarchy during the s, there was a greater emphasis on the narrative quality of figurative sculpture on clocks.

The figures on the clock below represent a scene from the story of Hector in the Trojan wars.

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Dating by Logos and Award Medallions E xample of a Japy Freres Japy Brothers movement stamped to show they were awarded a medal at the Paris Exposition. This does not mean that the clock bearing Not all clocks have serial numbers marked Japy Freres. Find great deals on eBay for japy freres clock and japy freres clock movement.

Shop with confidence. Has an 8 day 2 train movement with an outside count wheel. Dating to around Japy Freres movements that were made after were National Association of Watch and Clock How to Identify French Mantel Clocks Japy Freres and French mantel clocks from the early 20th century often had columns and used Roman numerals on the clock

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